Innovative Solutions to Minimize Phosphorus Losses from Agriculture

2023 Annual Meeting (In-person)
November 1 (5-8pm) & November 2 (8am-1pm)
St. Louis, MO

Standard Registration, $200 – Register here
Graduate Student Registration, $100 – Register here


SERA-17 Is:

  • The Southern Extension and Research Activity (SERA)-17
  • An Information Exchange Group (IEG) administered through the Southern Region Land Grant Universities
  • Composed of research scientists, policy makers, extension personnel, and educators


Our Mission:

To develop and promote innovative solutions to minimize phosphorus losses from agriculture by supporting:

  • Information exchange between research, extension, and regulatory communities
  • Recommendations for phosphorus management and research
  • Initiatives that address phosphorus loss in agriculture
  • SERA-17 Reauthorization for 2018-2023


Long-term Goals:

  • Develop an interdisciplinary approach to identify P sensitive watersheds and water bodies.
  • Expand and improve upon the Phosphorus Index site assessment tool.
  • Develop best management practices (BMPs) to reduce agricultural P losses to surface waters by erosion and runoff (surface and subsurface).
  • Develop an animal manure application strategy based on both P and N.
  • Develop upper, environmentally-based, critical limits for soil test P and new soil testing methods that can more accurately identify sites where P loss will be of significant environmental concern.